Erin began her formal art studies in her home province, at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Her early work there immediately caught the attention of her instructors. Shortly after returning from inspirational trips to Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, she decided to move to the west coast of Canada. She transferred to Emily Carr College of Art and Design and in 2002 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Visual Art.

While pursuing her degree, Erin focused primarily on sculptural projects which included works in clay, welded metal, and wire. A strong foundation in drawing informed projects. Over time she incorporated various methods of printmaking into her work, such as etching and silkscreen. Digital design applications also became an integral part of her practice. An interest in fashion continues to influence her work.

Erin has worked with fabric, combining silkscreen and batik to create unique textiles which become clothing, handbags or framed original artworks. A recurrent motif throughout her work are a series of simple drawings of emaciated figures called Dirty Bits. These prints and drawings are made into wall tiles, printed on clothing and can be found on many of her surface designs.

Driven by a desire to share her inspiration and passion for creating in all mediums, Erin plans to hold art-making workshops for kids where they will learn to express their ideas and tell stories through art. Stay tuned!