Tiny Tiles

B-swatch-2I’ve been busy creating these tiny batiks.  These are mostly 4 x 4 “ and are mounted onto wood tiles. Right now my work table is covered with fabrics, wax, brushes and dyes. I’ve got my hot plate plugged in and I’m waxing away.  I’m particularily busy creating these guys I call “dirtybits”.   I draw them in hot wax, then paint them with dye. Also appearing in my repertoire are the little doggies and kitties, caught in the act, or, caught in the camera lens… they’re on their way to a Mysteria, Galleria in Regina, Saskatchewan!

Dirty Bits and Bags

batiktileguys.jpg I began studying art at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan where I was guided by amazingly generous and talented instructors. When the chance to live and work in Japan presented itself I jumped on the opportunity and left my studies in Regina, temporarily. I taught English in Yokohama and Tokyo for just over a year. It was life-changing, eye-opening, and incredibly inspiring. I returned to the U of R for one more year of growth and learning, only to seize yet another opportunity to move to Vancouver, BC. to finish my degree at Emily Carr School of Art and Design. It was there that I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, majoring in Visual Art.
I have worked in Clay, Metal, and Fabric. Studied Drawing, Sculpture, Mixed media- including projects involving book drawings, projected images, fabric-sculptures and various methods of printmaking. Since graduating, drawing, painting and printmaking have been the main focus of my practice.

Projects have included creating graphics for clothing. Designs on fabrics which become wall textiles, and wall Art. Commissioned art projects for interiors. Illustrations for posters and marketing materials. Digital art applications have become an integral part of my practice, including animated illustrations.

If your project needs visuals, contact me with the details. I can work with you to create the artwork you need.